Jackson Galaxy Calls for an End to the Dog and Cat Meat Trade


Celebrity cat behavior expert Jackson Galaxy has joined a campaign by international animal protection organization Animal Equality to end the trade of cats and dogs. Galaxy, known for his show on Animal Planet, My Cat From Hell, and his charity program, The Jackson Galaxy Project, is asking for a ban on the brutal trade of companion animals in concert with International Cat Day, which takes place on August 8th.

“Right now, thousands of cats and dogs are being killed for their meat, with their fur and skin used for bags, toys, and clothes,” says Galaxy. “That’s why, in honor of International Cat Day, I’m participating in Animal Equality’s international campaign to end the trade of cats and dogs. This unthinkable suffering has to end—please join me in signing the petition and take a stand against this cruelty.”

Since 2013, Animal Equality has been documenting the dog and cat trade, with its investigations revealing the cruel and abusive nature of this secretive industry. It’s estimated that tens of millions of cats and dogs are killed every year for their meat, skin, and fur.

Most of these animals are stolen from backyards and homes, while a small number of cats and dogs are bred specifically for food purposes. Animal Equality’s investigations have revealed animals trapped in cramped and overcrowded cages, and documented cats and dogs struck with metal bars and then stabbed, left to bleed out while semi-conscious. Afterward, they are sold as “fresh meat” to customers.

Thanks to Animal Equality’s work, 33 cat and dog meat retailers and a dog slaughterhouse have been closed by authorities, and its worldwide petition calling for a ban has received over 650,000 signatures.

“Animal Equality will continue to work tirelessly to end the brutal and unnecessary trade of cats and dogs,“ says Sharon Núñez, President of Animal Equality. “To achieve this, we need the support of compassionate people around the world. We are grateful that Jackson Galaxy has given his voice to our campaign, and hope that his call for a ban will help shine a light on the suffering within the cat and dog meat industry.”

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