Live From the Antarctic Frontlines

🚨This is the harsh reality facing whales and other Antarctic species, as they battle against supertrawlers legally plundering their food, all while proudly displaying eco-labels for sustainability.😠

“Most people know sustainability when they see it, and it does not look like a fleet of ships traveling thousands of miles, to the bottom of the world, to take out the very building block of life in the Antarctic ecosystem for products we simply do not need.” – Captain Peter Hammarstedt 

🔉 Join us tonight at 7 pm CET for an IG live session as our crew reports live from the Antarctic fishing grounds to answer your questions about this critical issue, our campaign, and Antarctica. Don’t miss out – you can still submit your questions via the Ocean Warriors website:

See you there!👋

🎥 Noam Azouz, Mika van der Gun / Sea Shepherd

#SeaShepherd #OceanWarriors #StopThePlunder

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