Chicken Dropped on the Floor & Left to Die on Egg Farm

A PETA eyewitness investigation into a filthy egg factory farm near Sulphur, Oklahoma, that supplies eggs to, among others, The Kroger Co. (“Kroger“)—which sells them as Kroger-brand eggs—reveals that nearly 8,000 hens suffered and died in a matter of weeks in July and August 2018, when temperatures in the farm’s sheds reached 106 degrees.

One hen’s leg was stuck in a cage. The eyewitness untangled her and reported that her leg was likely broken. A worker indicated that the hen would be dealt with the next day.

A day later, the farm supervisor was told that the bird still needed help. The eyewitness provided the dehydrated, thirsty hen with a drink, but a worker proceeded to grab the frightened bird, pull her out of her cage by a fragile wing, drop her on the floor, and leave her there to die.

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