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A new undercover investigation by Animal Equality reveals shocking violations of animal cruelty laws in a major U.S. chicken hatchery, operated by Foster Farms. Hours-old chicks are routinely crushed and mutilated by high-speed automated processing machinery and left to suffer and die from their injuries. Chicks often drown, are scalded to death and left to languish on the facility floor or in discarded waste bins before they are grounded up alive.

Foster Farms is one of the largest chicken producers in the U.S. and a supplier to Chick-fil-A and major grocery stores Kroger, Walmart, Costco, Publix and Target.

The investigation documented:
– Chicks crushed or mutilated by automated processing machinery
Chicks had their wings torn and their bodies sliced open by the automated machinery;
– Chicks caught in hatching trays sent through washing machines where they are scalded and drowned;
– Injured and undesirable birds from the conveyor or floor dumped into garbage bins or grinders;
– No effective welfare program or employee training to safeguard chicks from prolonged suffering.

Foster Farms is the first major broiler chicken producer in the United States to carry the American Humane Association seal. Retailers also assure the public that the animals they sell are humanely treated and prevented from experiencing discomfort, pain, and injury.

Animal Equality presented its findings to the county prosecutors asking for criminal charges to be filed for violating CA’s animal cruelty laws, which do not exempt farmed animals from cruelty protections.

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