Telling comments captured during death of Jazzy Jasper

Jazzy Jasper was extremely young. He died during his first race on 22 October 2022 at just one year old. It was the first race for all horses in the tragic race that day – the 2YO Colts & Geldings Maiden Plate.

Jazzy Jasper sustained injuries to both of his forelegs on the home turn and was euthanised. Footage shows both legs snapped and flapping under the gelding as he tries to stand and can’t. CPR picked up voices on the replay – presumably from the stewards’ room.

NB: Those in the know are aware that horses are not allowed to be raced until the age of two years old. However, the age of the horse is decided by the ‘racing calendar year’, not the horses actual date of birth. Therefore, horses can and are often still just one year old when being entered into official races.

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