Lab set to kill 80 dogs. Release them!

Help us get all 80 dogs out of this laboratory!

Dogs from Inotiv, a laboratory in Indiana, are scheduled to be killed in mid-May of 2022. We need your help right now to get all 80 dogs out of this laboratory before it’s too late!

These 80 beagle puppies are being used in toxicity testing that involves forcing them to ingest a drug via stomach tube every day for months on end.

The Humane Society of the United States revealed the results of an approximately seven-month undercover investigation at Inotiv, an animal testing laboratory in Indiana where thousands of animals, including dogs, primates, pigs, mice and rats are killed every year. The investigation reveals the suffering and death of these animals for toxicity testing of drugs.

Gut-wrenching footage of the agony these dogs are enduring was captured by our undercover investigator, who spent months at Inotiv documenting the unfathomable cruelty of life—and death—for dogs and other animals at the laboratory.

Help us get all 80 dogs out of this laboratory! These highly-adoptable animals deserve loving homes. Demand their immediate release!

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