Genetic Cruelty: Investigation reveals a life of suffering for factory-farmed chickens

We’ve conducted a first of its kind investigation in Italy, revealing the cruelty of the meat industry’s chicken breeding from a new point of view.

With the support of expert veterinarians and specialized x-rays and tests, we have shown how fast-growing chickens—the most widely bred in Italy and factory farms around the world—are the result of genetic selection that has condemned them to continuous suffering, disability, and early death.

We analyzed the fate of chickens confined to factory farms and compared them to three chickens who were able to live in an animal shelter with adequate care and food. Our research showed that their breeding prevents them from carrying out their most basic, natural behaviors and living healthy, long lives, no matter the conditions of their environment.

We’ve asked the Italian government to stop this cruelty by banning the fast-growing breeds and supporting the ban in Europe. You can help reduce the suffering of chickens and other farmed animals by eliminating meat from your diet and taking action with us at

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