Dolphins Forced To Perform Cruel and Dangerous Tricks at SeaWorld

The public is now well aware of the suffering that orcas endure at SeaWorld, but the suffering of other dolphins has been largely hidden. SeaWorld continues to use dolphins as props as trainers “surf” and ride on their faces and backs during cruel and demeaning circus-style shows.

A veterinarian found dolphins at all three SeaWorld parks with open wounds and extensive scars on their faces and bodies. Yet trainers continue to use them as surfboards and launchpads. The dolphins’ lower jaws, which are highly sensitive and crucial for their hearing, receive nearly the full force of the trainer’s bodyweight during these tricks.

Demand that SeaWorld stop abusing dolphins by allowing trainers to ride on their backs and stand on their faces in these stunts. And boycott SeaWorld until it moves the animals to seaside sanctuaries.

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