INVESTIGATION: Pigs Suffer on Farm of Horrors in Catalonia, Spain

In our latest investigation, Animal Equality has brought to light distressing scenes from a “farm of horrors” located in Catalonia, Spain, where the highest concentration of intensive pig farms are located.

THE DETAILS: The investigation’s footage shows the farm’s non-compliance with Spanish regulations for the protection of pigs in the country, with evidence found of sanitation irregularities, animal abuse, and possible environmental crimes. Our investigative team filmed:

– Pigs living amongst excrement, as well as eating food and drinking water contaminated with feces.

– Overcrowded living conditions that lacked natural stimuli, causing the pigs stress and compelled them to bite each other’s tails and ears.

– Injured pigs, with some only able to crawl, while others who didn’t have the strength to move were left to die without veterinary attention.

– Pigs living with the rotting carcass of one of their companions, risking potential disease transmission to the rest of the animals.

– The illegal dumping of slurry, which is a possible environmental crime.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: An environmental study commissioned by Animal Equality certifies that there is illegal dumping of slurry that is leaking into the subsoil and polluting water near the Congost River. The study also confirms that the discharges of slurry are recurrent and that the area’s level of nitrates is close to double the average for pig farms in the region. In Catalonia, where there is the largest cluster of industrial pig farms in the whole peninsula, 41% of the aquifers are contaminated and 142 municipalities have problems accessing drinking water.

WHAT WE’RE SAYING: “Environmental problems and animal abuse are inherent to intensive livestock farming. Due to the concentration of intensive pig farms, 41% of Catalonia’s aquifers are contaminated. Our investigation has revealed a systemic problem that needs to be addressed,” said Silvia Barquero, Executive Director of Animal Equality Spain.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: This investigation is part of our #SecretoIbérico campaign in Spain, which includes a petition addressed to the European Commission requesting that it stop subsidizing marketing campaigns promoting the pork industry with public funds. Specifically to our findings on the farm in Catalonia, we’ve reported the irregularities we found to local authorities so that the farm’s operators can be held accountable.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: As we’ve shown time and time again, abuses towards animals on industrial farms are happening all over the world, no matter in which country you live. The shocking scenes on the farm in Catalonia are just a small example of the pain and suffering farmed animals go through every day. You can make an immediate difference by leaving animals off your plate, as well as encouraging others to do the same. You can also help animals by joining our Animal Protectors, an online action team that takes on the world’s biggest companies by demanding changes to our broken food system. Sign up today and start making a difference!

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