Animal Equality: Shocking Cruelty of Foie Gras Farms in France

These images were captured on several duck farms in France – the largest foie gras producer in the world.

While foie gras production has been banned in many countries, it remains legal in 49 states across the United States. That’s why we need your help to ban this unnecessary ‘delicacy.’

By adding your voice, you can contribute to making a significant difference in the lives of these animals:

It’s important to remember that ducks and geese are not the only animals suffering in the food industry. Pigs, cows, chickens, and other farmed animals also experience fear and pain before they are slaughtered for food.

You can make a positive impact by introducing plant-based foods to your table. Love Veg offers a wide range of resources to help you get started on your journey towards a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle. Visit today!

0:00: Introduction
0:12: State of Fear
0:41: Fattening Phase
1:00: Metal Tube Pushed Down Throat
1:26: Broken Beaks
1:42: Killed at 15 Weeks of Age
1:53: Throats Cut While Conscious
2:23: Legal in 49 US States

Animal Equality is an international animal protection organization working in eight countries to end cruelty to farmed animals through undercover investigations, legal advocacy, corporate outreach, and public awareness about plant-based foods.

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