There Was a Killing (Trailer)

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Shaun Monson (EARTHLINGS, UNITY) tells the story of Regan Russell, a decades-long pioneer in Canadian animal rights activism. Regan was violently struck and killed by a pig transport truck during a Toronto Pig Save vigil outside Sofina Foods’ Fearmans slaughterhouse in Burlington on June 19, 2020.

Shaun Monson examines eyewitness testimony and video evidence from the day of Regan’s death. Attorney’s Robert Monson, Lisa Bloom, and David Simon expose Bill 156 as an aggressive piece of legislation that allows animal agriculture to avoid the legal and economic consequences of their behavior and the fear that animal transporters may see it as a license to kill. Former animal trucker Matthew Johnson provides valuable insight and perspective on the day’s tragic events.

On the day of her violent death, Regan had been protesting against Bill-156 which had been enacted just 24 hours earlier. Dubbed an ag-gag, it is an undemocratic and unconstitutional piece of legislation which infringes on the right to assemble and criminalizes activists and whistleblowers working to expose animal exploitation and the horrors of animal slaughter.

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