Cruelty exposed inside rabbit farms linked to the UK | Animal Equality Investigation

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For over 2 years, Animal Equality investigators have infiltrated the rabbit meat industry in Spain. Two of the farms investigated are directly linked with restaurants in the UK.

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Animal Equality has already taken legal action against the farms and slaughterhouses investigated. Administrative sanctions on those responsible, may vary from 60,001 to 1,200,000 euros in the case of very serious offences, and fines from 600 to 3,000 euros for minor offences.

Findings of this investigation:

• Animals killed by blunt force trauma. Furthermore, our investigators have been able to report that this is a common practice within rabbit industry.

• Workers throwing live rabbits into the waste containers, due to over-production.

• Animals with open wounds or infections were left in the cages and had no veterinary treatment.

• Cannibalism amongst certain animals due to over-crowded conditions.

• Farms selling rabbits to restaurants without them first meeting health and safety requirements.

• A vet smashing a rabbit against the ground whilst acknowledging, to the camera, that it was animal abuse.

• Farms which had never received health and bio-security inspections

• Dead animals left to rot in cages next to live animals.

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