The Harvard Monkey Horror Story

This isn’t a horror movie… it’s real life for baby monkeys in this @Harvard lab.

PETA has uncovered a series of shocking maternal and sensory deprivation experiments being performed on infant rhesus macaques at Harvard Medical School. Experimenter Margaret Livingstone removes newborn monkeys from their mothers and subjects them to various sensory deprivation procedures, including binocular deprivation and monocular deprivation—in which the vision from one or both eyes is blocked. In some experiments, individuals interacting with the infants shield their faces with welders’ masks so the infants never see a face. In other experiments, the monkeys’ eyes are sutured closed for their entire first year of life.

Monkeys in this laboratory are subjected to multiple major surgeries. Head posts are affixed to their skulls, small metal coils are attached to their eyes, and multiple electrode arrays are implanted in their brains. For multiple experiments, the monkeys’ heads are immobilized using helmets, chin straps, and bite bars, and in some experiments the monkeys are killed and dissected. Please take action to stop this at

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