PETA’s Without Consent Exhibit Documents History of Exploitation of Animals in U.S. Laboratories

PETA’s landmark “Without Consent” exhibit bears descriptions and photographs of nearly 200 experiments conducted on animals at U.S. institutions in recent decades. It makes the point that vulnerable humans—including orphans in tuberculosis and psychological experiments, immigrant women in gynecological surgeries, soldiers in LSD and poison gas tests, and impoverished Black men in syphilis experiments—were once exploited in experiments. Just as society now understands that these experiments were wrong, “Without Consent” shows we need to let a similar moral awakening guide our conduct today by extending consideration to other non-consenting sentient beings who suffer and die in experiments from floor-cleaner product tests to mother-infant separation studies.
PETA is calling on NIH—which spends over $21 billion in taxpayer funds annually on animal tests alone—to phase out these archaic experiments and adopt our Research Modernization Deal.
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