My Experience as an Investigator: The Testimony of Ari Nessel


Have you ever thought about what an investigator feels when they look into the eyes of terrified animals on farms and slaughterhouses?

Can you imagine what they’re thinking in that exact moment?

One of our supporters experienced this first-hand when he joined our team in India to document inside the country’s farms and slaughterhouses.

What he saw and experienced is documented in this video.

Every time Animal Equality’s investigators infiltrate farms and slaughterhouses around the world, they expose themselves to great danger.

But despite the risks and the emotional stress this job entails, they keep going back to those awful places because they know that reality must be realized before it can be changed.

They dedicate their lives to all the innocent animals who are abused by the animal agriculture industry. They have made it their mission to tell their stories to all those brave enough to listen and to help create a better world.

They are out there right now, collecting the evidence that will inspire tomorrow’s change. But we need you to share with the world what they find to continue to shine a light into the darkness of these horrible places.


Who is Ariel Nessel?

Ariel Nessel is an American philanthropist and entrepreneur, who firmly believes in the goodness of people as the most powerful resource to build a kinder and more compassionate world.

He’s supported our work and mission for many years and because of this, has joined Animal Equality on several investigations in Mexico and India. Documenting what happens behind the closed doors of farms and slaughterhouses and bear witness to the suffering caused by animal agriculture.

Ariel witnessed first-hand the suffering of farmed animals. He was shocked to see how a country that has always had so much to teach about compassion and kindness has fallen victim to a cruel system where there is no place for empathy or mercy.

“Visiting these places brings me immense gratitude for the investigators. At one point our safety was in danger, and I realized these investigators go through this almost every day.” – Ariel Nessel

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