Life of a Pig

In this heart-wrenching video, you’ll meet Benny, a piglet born into the harsh reality of the pork industry. Benny’s initial days are spent in a crate so confining that his mother cannot even turn around. Both piglets and sows also develop sores on their bodies from lying down on the hard floor all day. Tragically, workers will rip or cut out Benny’s testicles, and his tail and teeth with will also be removed, all without anesthesia. The industry separates Benny and piglets like him from their mothers at a mere four weeks of age, while she, in turn, will be promptly impregnated again and confined to a farrowing crate where she is reduced to standing or lying on her side. Benny will be raised until only six months of age and 200 to 300 pounds before being sent to slaughter.

The best way to stop the cruelty Benny and millions of other pigs endure at the hands of the pork agriculture industry is to stop eating pork. You can also stop the suffering of all farmed animals by going vegan today.

Please share this video with your family and friends and help expose the truth about the pork industry.

Narrated by Erin Wing.

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