Kangaroos are being slaughtered to make Adidas shoes.

The commercial slaughter of kangaroos is the largest commercial killing of land-based wildlife on the planet. The body parts of millions of kangaroos are used each year for meat products and for ‘leather’ products sold by brands including Adidas … a brand that uses a “sustainability promise” to underpin its ethos.

Kangaroos form strong and complex family bonds, and these gentle families are being ripped apart after the sun goes down across their homeland. Close-knit mobs of kangaroos are chased down by commercial shooters with bright lights and guns. Those unable to flee have their bodies strung up in the back of trucks. Their joeys, considered ‘useless’, are legally decapitated or bludgeoned to death. Some joeys who are grown-up enough to hop away, escape only to starve or be killed by predators without the protection of their mum.

Recently, global sporting brands Nike, Puma and New Balance have announced a shift away from kangaroo ‘leather’ to kinder alternatives. But Adidas continues to make shoes out of native Australian wildlife. Join thousands of caring people taking action today to urge Adidas to stop killing kangaroos for shoes: #animalwelfare #kangaroos

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