Animal Equality Exposes: The Origin of Your Milk

The Origin of Milk: Uncover the hidden cruelty of the dairy industry with never-before-seen images from Animal Equality.

Animal Equality’s findings expose disturbing patterns in the dairy industry. To produce milk, cows must first give birth. The calves are separated from their mothers just moments after being born to keep them from drinking her milk. When a cow’s milk production decreases, she is sent to slaughter. Calves, lacking maternal care, are fed human milk replacers, confined in isolation, and denied natural behaviors.

New footage reveals workers mutilating young cows by removing their horns. This procedure includes cutting their skin with scissors and applying a burning paste, all conducted without the use of anesthesia. The dairy industry’s preference for dehorned cows is driven by the ease of handling, as these animals are left defenseless.

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Animal Equality is an international animal protection organization working in eight countries to end cruelty to farmed animals through undercover investigations, legal advocacy, corporate outreach, and public awareness about plant-based foods.

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