Injured Puppy’s Miraculous Transformation

Joey could be a poster pup for the dangers of allowing dogs to roam outdoors unattended. When we first met this gregarious little hound-terrier mix, his left front leg was mangled and badly infected. It had become so swollen and painful that he couldn’t put any weight on it. He had previously spent all his time outdoors, running loose on a property in rural Virginia. One day, another loose dog attacked him, biting him several times on the leg. Days passed, and without treatment, his wounds went from bad to worse. Finally, his owners contacted PETA for help.

We rushed Joey to a veterinarian, who cleaned his wounds and prescribed antibiotics and pain medication. The next morning, he was neutered on one of our mobile spay/neuter clinics, and while he was sedated, our veterinarians inserted tubes into his leg to allow the wounds to drain and heal faster.

Less than a week later, Joey’s leg looked 100 percent better—and he was already walking (and even running!) with barely a limp. All he needed now was a new home. And he found one at PETA’s multi-shelter adopt-a-thon event, where it’s safe to say that he stole the show with his boundless enthusiasm, outgoing personality, and adorably floppy ears. Joey’s new family looks forward to taking him on daily walks and lots of long hikes and everywhere else they go.

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