Dogs rescued from lab find loving homes

In 2018, we released footage of our undercover investigation of animal testing laboratory in Michigan, where thousands of dogs are killed each year. The investigation revealed the suffering and death of beagles and hounds used in toxicity tests for pesticides, drugs, dental implants and other products.

As a result of public outcry, 32 beagles were released from the laboratory, where they were destined to be poisoned daily for an entire year and wouldn’t have made it out of the lab alive. They were released to the Michigan Humane Society, and were quickly placed in homes. See the beginning of their new lives with loving guardians!

The critical work to save animals has not stopped. This is a challenging time, financially and emotionally, for everyone—but every single gift helps end heartbreaking situations of animal cruelty, suffering and neglect. Your generosity throughout the holiday season and into the new year ensures that the fight to protect all animals will continue, no matter what lies ahead.

Donate today to join the fight to stop the suffering of all animals!

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