50+ dogs rescued from Indonesian slaughterhouse

Moments before being brutally killed for their meat, together with other members of Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition, we rescued more than 50 starving, terrified dogs during a raid of an illegal slaughterhouse in Sukoharjo, Indonesia. After a long and terrible journey crammed onto trucks with some of their mouths tightly bound, these dogs are in desperate need of veterinary medical attention, food and rehabilitation to survive.

You can give these dogs and other animals in need a better future right now. Donate to support this rescue and protect all animals from cruelty.

Humane Society International is one of the only global organizations fighting to protect animals everywhere including those caught up in the cruel dog meat trade, living on the streets, threatened by poachers in the wild, trapped in laboratories, affected by disasters and so much more.

Please don’t delay—these animals have suffered enough. Make an URGENT donation to support the immediate care for these dogs and protect all animals worldwide. Click the Donate button to help.

Thank you for supporting our work to help all animals! We couldn’t do it without you. 🙂

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