Pacing Tigers Warehoused in Filthy, Small Crates for Jordan World Circus

New videos from a June 2021 federal inspection of Adam Burck, the tiger exhibitor for Jordan World Circus and others, reveal a world of horrifying suffering and filth. Burck was cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for crating tigers for most of their lives inside a stifling-hot, maggot-filled barn. The videos show tigers kept in crates so small that they barely have room to turn around as they pace back and forth. Burck received an official warning from the USDA for these and other violations of the law, but a mere two weeks later he was cited again for keeping tigers in travel crates most of the time. PETA is urging the agency to throw the book at Burck, who should end this cruelty by sending the tigers to accredited sanctuaries.

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