Galéo : urgence pour le jeune dauphin au Parc Astérix

Le dauphin Galéo est couvert de morsures et de blessures, son état est alarmant. Il a 7 ans et est d’une taille beaucoup plus petite qu’il ne devrait. Nous portons plainte pour lui ! #SauvonsGaléo
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It’s urgent for Galeo
Galeo isn’t yet 7 and he is dying. He is dying imprisoned in a pool with dolphins that abuse him. He is dying far from his mother and his own people, without ever having known waves or the ocean spray. Every day he is getting thinner, every day more miserable, he has nothing to keep him here. Dr Ingrid Visser, expert in cetaceans, has never seen a dolphin in such a state. For Galeo, we have to act immediately if he is to survive. His life is hanging by a thread.
Discover our campaign on his behalf:

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