End Bali’s dog meat trade!

Bali’s dogs are being slaughtered for the dog meat trade … and tourists are eating them. SIGN HERE:


BREAKING: A shocking Animals Australia investigation has documented Bali’s elusive dog meat trade — fuelled in part by international tourists.

Dumped in bamboo crates or plastic rice sacks, terrified dogs await the nightly slaughter with legs tied and mouths taped shut. They may languish like this for hours or days without food or water. One by one they will be brutally slaughtered in full view of their companions.

And business is booming. Year on year, seven times more dogs are slaughtered in Bali than in China’s notorious Yulin Dog Eating Festival. MORE THAN 120,000 PEOPLE HAVE SIGNED THE PETITION TO END THIS. Make your voice count by signing here: #BaliDogMeat

📺 Watch our latest video: “Butcher explains why he gave up meat”

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