#WatchDominion Challenge – Donny Moss

Join Donny Moss of Their Turn as he participates in Animal Save Movement worldwide #DontLookAway challenge.

The idea is to witness the horrors of the system of animal exploitation and encourage your friends and family to do the same. The goal is to have tens of thousands of people around the world #WatchDominion and get active for animals.

So will you join us for the #DontLookAway challenge?

I dare you to try and #WatchDominion challenge and let me know how many minutes you watched. It’s okay if you can’t watch it all. Just see how much you can get through and say why — 30 seconds? 5 minutes? 1 hour? — it all counts.

• #React: Make a reaction video, upload it to your social media platform & tag 10 friends inviting them to the challenge. Use the hashtags: #DontLookAway #WatchDominion and tag Animal Save Movement
• Send us a link to your reaction video on your platform
• To receive updates sign up here:

We double dare you to #ReactAndAct
Join the ASM email list to learn about actions you can take…
• Sign up to, chalk #WatchDominion, make a vegan meal and join your local ASM chapter and take friends to an animal vigil
• Use the hashtags: #DontLookAway #WatchDominion and #ReactAndAct

Let us know how you get on and then challenge your friends and family!

Other instructions:

• For the reaction video, you can either pre-record and upload it to your profile or you can go live — please make sure to record horizontally, and keep the volume of documentary on (try to keep it high)

Join the Animal Save Movement:

#Vegan #Animal Rights #Veganism #Compassion #bearingwitness

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