Trawlers caught red-handed, stealing food from whales’ mouths

#BREAKING: Shocking Discovery! We Caught Six Supertrawlers Plowing Through Whales in Antarctica! 🚨🐋
Watch as these supertrawlers, each one as large as two Olympic-sized swimming pools, disrupt a massive feeding frenzy of hundreds of whales while waddles of chinstrap penguins helplessly witness the chaos. 🌊
“No law prevents fishing vessels from targeting the very food source of whales in this vulnerable sea area,” warns Captain Bart Schulting.

And it’s not the first time! In 2023, we documented a similar incident with eight supertrawlers that influenced CCAMLRS’ decision not to increase this year’s krill quota. BUT THIS MUST STOP FOR GOOD 🛑 Let’s raise awareness and demand a ZERO krill quota NOW! 🌏

Our dedicated Allankay crew will continue tracking the fleet’s impact to expose this tragically common occurrence. Stay tuned for updates coming soon!

🔗 Read the full press release for the shocking details:

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