The torturous business with Horsemeat from South America

Our follow-up investigation in Uruguay in April 2018 shows that the conditions at the slaughterhouses Clay and Sarel remain unchanged, despite the repeated assurances of the Swiss horsemeat importers to improve the situation. In the slaughterhouse pens, we once again find many injured, weak and emaciated horses, as well as pregnant mares and foals. Veterinary care is still inexistent. Seriously injured horses, who have large open wounds or can only walk on three legs, are left for days unattended instead of being emergency killed. The number of shelters for weather protection is decreasing. Transport vehicles are still the same cattle trucks which are inappropriate for the transport of horses. There is still a lack of traceability, as the national rules for identification are not complied with. We repeatedly observed slaughterhouses accepting horses without the mandatory ear tags

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