The Nightmare Is Over for This Dog Used in Laboratory Experiments—See Her Now!

Libby is a sweet, gentle dog with a dream life: She has a loving guardian, good food, and a soft bed and she plays and goes on walks each day. But she still jumps at loud noises and is afraid of her leash. Why? Because she spent the first part of her life at a filthy contract animal-testing laboratory in rural North Carolina called Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS), where she was known only by the number tattooed on her ear: 534120.

When Libby was released seven years ago from PLRS—which was shut down following a PETA investigation that exposed that workers screamed at animals, slammed them into cages, and smeared their skin with toxic chemicals—she was bone-thin, her teeth were rotted, and she was riddled with hookworms and tapeworms. When she met her new guardian, she shook and crawled on her belly, desperate for affection but too terrified to stand up. And on her first walk, she just plodded along at the end of her leash, resigned to her fate, and didn’t even look around.

It’s taken a lot of patience and care, but now Libby loves going on walks, snuggling under the covers, and playing tug-of-war with her two adopted canine siblings. Her special name is short for “liberation” and derived from the Hebrew name “Libi,” which means “my heart.” She has a stable home and a second chance at life—she won’t ever be used as a living test tube again.

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