This world was never meant for anyone as beautiful as you

Little did we know when a wonky legged calf ambled into our world, the hoof prints she would leave behind would be as indelible on our hearts as they were on the hearts of all those who were touched by her story. It could be said that Pixie’s mission was to touch hearts and that she most certainly did. First it was the dairy farmer’s wife on the farm at which she was born. Normally a calf so crippled and unproductive would have been killed at day one. However, little Pixie, with her big brown eyes and steely resolve, moved the lady like no other. Determining that Pixie deserved a chance, she set to work to ensure the best one was afforded to her. From that point on, Pixie became a much-loved trailblazer, touching hearts and changing minds about farmed animals.

Rallying veterinary science and expertise, worldwide experience and all the love we could muster, Pixie was to become the most imperturbable and humble of patients. Gaining strength and determination, she and we were set to kick the terrible disability that had befallen her. From day one we knew we would be forging new frontiers with an animal so many see as a disposable production unit. But that has never stopped us before. And we were winning the battle with Pixie, winning until the complications of recent days set in. Pixie’s welfare has always been at the core of everything we have done and with the heaviest of hearts, we know the time has come. We have exhausted all avenues open, for we see a hurdle before Pixie that even she, with all her determination and our veterinary team with all of their skill, cannot surmount. And so the time has come to set Pixie to run free forevermore. Run free sweet girl, run free. It’s times like these that we draw strength from the very animals we serve. Whilst the tears we will shed are many, we rejoice that we were able to spend time with such a serene being and that we were able to breathe kindness into her world.

Pixie will be buried here at the sanctuary, an oak tree planted on her grave so future generations can benefit and so she can grow old in both our hearts and our memories. This world was never meant for anyone a beautiful as you, sweet Pixie Girl.

“If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others… why wouldn’t we?”
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