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PETA Investigation: South African President Secretly Profits From Trophy Hunting

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PETA’s new video shows the horrifying details of the slaughter of elephants and lions by trophy hunters. PETA’s undercover investigation reveals video footage of an American trophy hunter incapable of making a clean kill, even with instructions from hunting guides. He repeatedly shoots a young elephant who wanders onto property just outside Kruger National Park, where he would have been safe, as no hunting is allowed there. Another video shows a group of hunters ambushing a captive-bred lion resting under a tree. The lion roars and charges after he is shot and wounded by the hunter, and it takes four more shots by the hunter and his guides to kill him.

PETA’s investigation also reveals South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s hidden connection to and investments in the trophy hunting industry. He pockets a percentage of profits from hunts similar to those seen in this video and breeds wildlife specifically to be killed on his secret hunting property. Find out how you can help end this cruelty: investigations.peta.org/south-africa-president-ramaphosa-trophy-hunting/

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