Our Most Difficult Rescue

Keep watching to see our most difficult rescue…🐑

On this day last year, a sheep named Victoria was rescued after being lost for years. Although it was unclear where Victoria had come from, she was found grazing on the Monument Hill Reserve, east of Kilmore.

Victoria had been living with seven other sheep but had become isolated after years of neglect and had grown a heavy fleece that was becoming unmanageable. Despite the best efforts of animal protection agencies, no one had been able to catch Victoria until last year.

Finally, with the help of 18 team members, Vet Nurse Ruby, and some well-placed markers, Victoria was successfully captured after a five-hour trek through the mountains. Although the team lost sight of her several times, they never gave up and finally succeeded in rescuing her. Victoria was then rid of her burdensome 26-kg fleece that had become encrusted with sticks, twigs, blackberries, insects, and despair.

Victoria is now living happily and surrounded by her own kind, free to be herself. Her rescue is a testament to the stoicism of sheep and the tenacity of kindness. It is a reminder that humankind has a responsibility for all we have tamed and that the greatest fulfillment in life comes from helping others fulfill theirs. ❀

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