Moana, a young orca in a pitiful state of health at Marineland in Antibes

At Marineland in Antibes, just like his uncle ( Inouk), mother ( Wikie), and brother ( Keijo), Moana goes round in circles in the filthy waters of the aging dolphinarium. Orcas can live for as long as humans. Yet Moana is 10 years old. And at his age, the sub-dermal wounds that we have photographed are very worrying. His state has worsened. Thanks to our images and to several visits to the park over the last few years, Moana has been studied and evaluated by Marine Biologist Dr Ingrid Visser, and by Dr Pierre Gallego, a veterinarian specialising in cetaceans. We are filing a complaint against the dolphinarium for acts of cruelty.

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