MFA’s Undercover Investigations: Exposing Animal Cruelty

Behind the closed doors of our nation’s factory farms, slaughterhouses and hatcheries, billions of animals suffer out of sight, and out of mind. These animals know no kind touch or compassionate care, only a life filled with intensive confinement, abusive handling, painful mutilations, careless neglect, and merciless slaughter.

Though these animals struggle, kick and scream, their cries all too often fall on the deaf ears of profit-driven factory farm producers, who view these sentient and intelligent creatures as mere production units and commodities.

But what animal abusers work so hard to conceal from public view, Mercy For Animals works diligently to expose.

Wired with hidden cameras, MFA’s team of undercover investigators documents the harsh realities of industrial animal agriculture where cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys are subjected to a life of misery that few could even imagine.

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