Support a ground-breaking project showing the reality of dozens of slaughterhouses

For six months, and with the support of several people, I have travelled thousands of miles and documented the massacre of cows, pigs, chickens and goats in dozens of slaughterhouses.

The objective of the project is to obtain high quality images to form an extensive visual record, with unprecedented detail, of the reality of slaughter. The breadth and depth of the work will become clear once the full project is presented publicly but, for security reasons (of both the project and the people involved), I am unable to provide more details at this stage.

All photographs and videos obtained will be made available, free of charge, for those working to defend animals. They will be accessible for use in projects, protest or broadcast campaigns, in addition to the full documentary which will be released on completion of the project.

The meat industry takes great care to ensure that journalists and activists are prevented from documenting what happens behind closed doors. For every slaughterhouse that I manage to access – sometimes only for a few minutes – there remain dozens for which entry was impossible. The effort required to obtain these few moments of footage, or these handful of photographs, is immense and the potential impact of the work is unprecedented.

The purpose of this campaign is to raise €4,000 euros. The funds will be invested in the travel costs – gasoline and car rental – necessary to cover the thousands of miles necessary to complete the project.

If, like me, you believe it is necessary that the reality of animal slaughter that the industry wants to keep hidden be made visible to all, I would appreciate your support. If you are able to support the project financially or to help to spread the word, I would be very grateful.

Support the project at

Thank you very much.

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