INVESTIGATION: The Cruelty of Spanish Animal Export Exposed

A new investigation by a collective of animal protection organizations depicts the brutality and mistreatment suffered by animals exported from Spain during transport and slaughter.

The investigation, carried out by Animals International and Animal Welfare Foundation, and in collaboration with Animal Equality and Compassion in World Farming, reveals the enormous suffering of live animals during their transport from Spain, as well as the cruelty of their slaughter in the slaughterhouses of Lebanon.

The investigation was able to document the presence of Spanish animals in slaughterhouses in these countries and showed how they are cruelly treated during slaughter. Killed without stunning, the animals are first stabbed in the neck and then left to bleed out until death. The newly published images recorded in Lebanon show how slaughterhouse operators put their hands in the eyes of the animals to immobilize them. Among the slaughtered animals, several Spanish identification ear tags were documented.

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