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International Animal Rights Day 2010 | Madrid (Spain)

250 Animal Equality activists demonstrated in Madrid for International Animal Rights Day 2010, holding the lifeless bodies of society’s hidden victims: non-human animals.

This demonstration aimed to show society the real consequences of the consumption of animal products and our disrespect for the lives of the other animals with which we share the planet. Activists stood in silence for an hour holding the victims: piglets, hens, chicks, lambs, cats, fishes, rabbits and mice. The majority were obtained from farms where, unable to withstand their exploitation, they had died.

Other activists handed out leaflets to the public informing them about speciesism and asking them to consider adopting a vegan lifestyle.

International media published the event in countries ranging from Israel to Belgium, while Spain’s second biggest-selling newspaper El Mundo published our argument on speciesism, reaching thousands of readers across the country.


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