Chickens Panted Like Dogs Because of Extreme Heat on Egg Farm

A PETA eyewitness investigation into a filthy egg factory farm near Sulphur, Oklahoma, that supplies eggs to, among others, The Kroger Co. (“Kroger“)—which sells them as Kroger-brand eggs—reveals that nearly 8,000 hens suffered and died in a matter of weeks in July and August 2018, when temperatures in the farm’s sheds reached 106 degrees.

When the temperature in the farm’s massive sheds soared day after day, the hens—who are unable to sweat—panted in an effort to cool themselves. Some were even denied access to water.

According to one veterinary expert, “In very hot or humid climates, birds must have free access to cool drinking water at all times as well as access to other cooling measures (space to extend their wings, fans, misters, water and dust baths) to prevent heat stress. Heat stroke occurs when the body cannot adequately dissipate accumulated heat and results in organ damage, respiratory distress, collapse, disorientation, seizures, and death. Heat stress causes immense pain and psychological distress and … agonizing deaths.”

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