Iceland – Land of blood farms – Trailer

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A new documentary by the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) and Tierschutzbund Zürich (TSB) shows footage from August 2023, filmed undercover in Icelandic blood farms. The PMSG obtained there is used in German piglet farms. In this film, experts from breeding, law, veterinary medicine, and agricultural consulting in Germany and Switzerland provide their views on the use of the fertility hormone.

Full version of documentary: “PMSG – the hormone of misery | Good reasons for a ban”

There is consensus that modern piglet production can do without PMSG. Hormonal use is deemed more than unnecessary and only serves to mask poor management. Legal experts express their concerns and cast doubt on the approval of the hormone as a medicine.

Sabrina Gurtner, project manager at AWF|TSB clarifies, that blood farms have no justification anymore, because there are alternatives for the use of PMSG through hormone-free methods or synthetic preparations.

The European Parliament already called on the EU Commission in October 2021, through a resolution, to impose an import ban and ensure a prohibition on extraction in member states – the extraction and use of this hormone of misery must finally come to an end.

Use your voice to actively fight agains Iceland’s blood trades:
– Petition to the Icelandic government to ban the extraction of PMSG:
– Petition to the German government to ban the production, import and use of PMSG:

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