Cruelty at McDonald’s Chicken Supplier Moy Park

Animal Equality UK has released a new investigation with footage of horrifying conditions and extreme animal suffering on three chicken farms in Lincolnshire in the UK..

THE DETAILS: Our investigators visited Red Tractor-certified farms Saltbox, Ladywath and Mount multiple times between February and April 2019 and found shocking scenes, including:

– Gigantic double-decker chicken sheds, with over 30,000 birds crowded on each floor
– Many chickens suffering from severe leg injuries, some unable to stand
– Carcasses left to rot for days amongst the flocks of living birds
– Chicks struggling to breathe at just two days old, with many already dead

THE BACKGROUND: All three farms raise chickens for Moy Park, the UK’s second biggest chicken company which supplies major retailers, including McDonald’s. Ladywath Farm is comprised of three double-decker sheds – one of the first of this type in Britain – where birds are stacked on two floors within the same building. Each multi-storey shed houses 63,000 birds and the farm has recently applied for permission to build a fourth double-decker shed.

THE ISSUE: Chickens raised for Mcdonald’s menu items are bred to be so unnaturally big that their own legs can’t support their weight. They’re crammed into dark sheds and trapped in filth, unable to engage in most natural behaviors. It’s time for this to change. Please join us in asking McDonald’s to ban the cruel farming practices of its suppliers. Sign our petition today:

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