Celebrating 15 Years of Activism for Animals!

Our organization celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. I’m excited to share with you a video that collects the stories–some never before published–of those who built these 15 years of work one step at a time.

I’m proud to have had such brave and determined people at my side who have dedicated their lives to defending animals.

Over the years, they’ve inspired me and the entire animal protection movement. They’ve made Animal Equality what it is today: an international organization capable of influencing institutions and companies, opening the eyes of millions of people, and above all, making a positive impact on billions of animals.

It all stemmed from an issue that was seemingly simple but difficult to put into practice: we wanted to help farmed animals, those who suffer in the greatest numbers and who are the most overlooked.

The first step was to show the world how these animals suffer every day.

The second was not only to dream of a better world where animals weren’t treated as commodities, but to plan how to create it.

The third was to fight on every front to make our goals a reality.

This ambitious vision has translated into 15 years of relentless work to radically transform society and fight animal abuse.

We’ve brought together some of the people who have made a difference over the past 15 years because each of them has defined Animal Equality. Together we’ve experienced triumphs and disappointments, overcome obstacles, and made it our life’s work to change this cruel system.

This video captures our pivotal moments and untold stories.

These 15 years have flown by. Our co-founders Jose Valle, Javier Moreno, and myself never imagined we’d get to where we are today.

In the early days, we were very young, enthusiastic, and full of energy. Today, I can say that the flame that ignited our passion has never faded: we are the same determined activists, only now we have eight international teams and hundreds of thousands of supporters around the world to help us.

Most of all, Animal Equality’s story is made up of all the people like you who have joined forces with us–with each individual’s action pushing our progress forward.

Thank you NAME, for being here with us as an ally for the animals.

In gratitude,


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