Bua Noi Has Been in Lockdown at Pata Zoo Since 1983

After hearing from PETA about animals suffering at Pata Zoo – located on the top floors of the Pata Department Store – brands like Watsons and Lotus’s have confirmed to PETA that they won’t be renewing their releases at the shopping mall.

By deciding to leave the Pata Department Store, these brands are taking a stand against the cruel zoo, something they don’t want their business to be associated with.

Animals like Bui Noi, a female gorilla, have been in lockdown and all alone behind bars since 1983 at Pata Zoo. Like the other animals suffering at the zoo, she is suffering from neglect with little opportunity for psychological stimulation or physical exercise.

Take action for animals at Pata Zoo:

Media captured April, 2021 ©️ Isaree Pongnathapas, as noted. All other media ©️ PETA Asia.

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