What is Blackhead Disease?

Blackhead disease is a devastating illness occurring on industrial turkey and chicken farms that can wipe out thousands of birds in a matter of days.

Birds become infected when they eat food or bird droppings that are contaminated with a certain roundworm parasite. Diseased birds suffer from drooping wings, unkempt feathers, and bluish or blackish skin on their face, comb, and wattles. Young birds become sick quickly and usually die within a few days.

Turkeys are highly susceptible to blackhead disease. Once a turkey flock has been infected, 70-100% of the birds may die. In one survey, U.S. turkey industry professionals reported over 400 outbreaks of the disease from 2009-2015. Currently, there are no drugs approved to prevent, treat, or control blackhead disease in the U.S.

Animals should not be born simply to suffer. Choose plant-based and keep animals off the menu.

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