The truth behind live animal transport

The demand for meat is rising. More animals than ever before are sent around the world. Globally, millions of animals are transported every day. The European Union is one of the main exporters. Moving almost 1 million cattle and more than 2 million sheep every year. The animals are transported on trucks and on ships. The journey can take days and sometimes weeks.

Art. 13 of Treaty of Lisbon:
Animals are “sentient beings” and “full regard to the welfare requirements of animals” is required.

But the increasing demand for live animals is causing cruel transports. Crammed on trucks and ships, the animals are exposed to extreme temperatures and suffer from dehydration and hunger. Some animals even have to give birth on board and many animals die on these cruel transports. After the suffering of the long journey, the animals are exposed to even more cruelty when they reach their destination outside the EU.

Live transport contributes to the transmission of diseases, which could also affect humans and enviromental pollution due to the use of old transport vehicles and the abandonment of dead bodies and manure in the sea.

Our investigation teams have been documenting these horrible transports for many years. We are calling to stop live exports!

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