Shrimp Fishing SHUT DOWN in Gabon

In Gabon, Shrimp fisheries have been suspended indefinitely and the tuna fishing ship that tormented whales has been kicked out of Gabonese waters!

On a fisheries patrol with the Bob Barker, the minister of fisheries in Gabon boarded a shrimp trawler and made the shocking discovery that only 0.2% of the catch was shrimp while the other 99.8% was bycatch, consisting mostly of juvenile fish. Most of the bycatch were thrown overboard, dead.

The minister also revoked the fishing license of the European-owned fishing vessel that refused repeated requests from Sea Shepherd crew to release two humpback whales caught in their nets. Footage that we released earlier this month showed how the ship tightened its net, nearly killing them.

For more details on the horrors of Renovation 2 and what happened to the banned fishing vessels:


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