Nails Driven Into Heads of Live Snakes for Fashion Accessories

PETA Asia has released video footage showing how snakes are abused and killed in Indonesia so that their skins can be sold to fashion brands.

In the slaughterhouse, employees hit pythons on the head with a hammer and hung them on a scaffold by driving a nail through their head into a wooden board – all while the animals were fully conscious.

The footage then shows employees inserting tubes into the snakes’ mouths or chopping off their tails and tying off their cloacal openings to pump them full of water, as this makes it easier to skin the animals. The animals are forced to endure all this while fully conscious and without pain relief. Workers then skin the snakes while the animals are likely still alive.

In the same way human demand for fur kills the animal it was stolen from, using snakeskin for fashion results in the painful death of snakes. If you wouldn’t wear fur, don’t wear exotic skins.

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