Inside a Foie Gras Farm

Animal Equality recently visited a foie gras farm to witness the production of the cruel ‘delicacy’ first hand. To our amazement, many farms in France offer public tours, open to families. We were welcomed onto one and filmed ducks and geese suffering severely in barren, wire cages and terrified birds struggling while being ruthlessly force fed with metal tubes.

The process of ‘gavage’, or force-feeding, causes so much suffering to ducks and geese that it is illegal to produce foie gras here in the UK, yet we still import nearly 200 tonnes of it every year. It’s clear that if a product is too cruel to be produced in Britain under animal welfare laws, then it should not be imported or sold here. Join the 115,000+ people who have signed our petition calling for a foie gras-free Great Britain!

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