Britches’ Story: Eyes Sewn Shut

Britches was an infant monkey at the University of California–Riverside who was torn from his mother shortly after birth, had his eyes sewn shut, and had an electronic sonar device attached to him that let out a constant screeching sound.

In 1985, activists rescued hundreds of animals being used in cruel experiments at the university, including cats, rabbits, and mice—and, of course, Britches. He was found alone in a barren metal cage, clutching a crude laboratory contraption that was intended to serve as a surrogate mother.

With his sight restored and with the care and compassion of his rescuers, Britches grew healthier, inquisitive, and even playful—he no longer had neurotic episodes, and his trauma was fading. Once Britches was deemed ready, he was transferred to a sanctuary and was soon adopted by a real monkey mother.


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