You didn’t know did you? Powerful new TV ad campaign for pigs!

Mother pigs are confined to cages barely bigger than their own bodies for weeks on end. She is prevented from nurturing and caring for her piglets, and is powerless when they are taken from her to so that they can be ‘fattened up’ and slaughtered. These deeply sensitive animals are known to suffer depression and anxiety as a result of being denied even the most basic behavioural needs.

After only three years, her body will be so exhausted that she’s not considered worth keeping alive anymore and they’ll send her away to be killed.

Just like every one of her babies when they are sent to the slaughterhouse, her final moments will be spent in terror.

These cruel farming and slaughter systems have been built to meet the demand for pig meat products.

But consumers have not been informed of the high price animals are forced to pay. Or that animals raised for food would be denied basic legal protections to ensure the profitability of the meat industry.

We aim to change that.

This is the first of Animals Australia’s two new nationwide TV advertising campaigns that started airing across Australia in March 2023! Watch it here and then head to to join the movement to free pigs from cruelty. ♥️????

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