Uno rescue anniversary

Moon bear Uno had spent 18 years – his entire life – suffering painful bile extraction on a bear bile farm in Vietnam.
He was obese and had arthritis as he’d been given a poor diet and had never been able to exercise or even stretch his limbs. He was curled up in the corner of his tiny cage as he was too big to even lie down.
Today, one year after arriving at our sanctuary, Uno is a different bear. He is healthy and active and loves playing with best friends P.J. and Wilf. He enjoys playing so much he’ll even distract his friends while they’re eating to join in his games! Read his incredible story below.
Uno would still be on that bile farm if it wasn’t for our compassionate supporters across the world. Without you, we simply couldn’t do what we do.
Together, we will end bear bile farming in Vietnam and ensure that every bear, who is still suffering just as Uno did, will be rescued to our sanctuary.
Join us today to end bear bile farming in Vietnam and ensure that no bear is left behind.

Read Uno’s story:

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