Turkey In Reverse

Every year in the United States, almost 300 million turkeys are killed for their flesh. Virtually all spend their entire lives on factory farms and have no federal legal protection. Bred, drugged, and genetically manipulated; turkeys can now weigh close to 30 pounds. A human infant growing at the same rate would weigh 1,500 pounds at 18 weeks of age. It is common for turkeys to die from organ failure before they are even 6 months old, due to their unnatural size.

To keep the birds from killing one another in such stressful, crowded conditions, parts of the turkeys’ toes and beaks are cut off, as are the males’ snoods. Millions of turkeys don’t even make it past the first few weeks of life in a factory farm before succumbing to “starve-out,” a stress-induced condition that causes young birds to simply stop eating.

Factory farm operators walk through the shed to kill the slow-growing turkeys, such as those who fall ill because of the filthy conditions or become crippled under their own weight.

PETA’s mission statement is that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way:


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